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The Lourdes Hospital Foundation exists to support Guthrie Lourdes Hospital in its mission of providing the highest quality healthcare to New York's Southern Tier region. The purpose of the Lourdes Foundation is to solicit and to receive contributions and make distributions to the Hospital. The Foundation seeks to raise funds for the benefit of various programs, projects and departments at Guthrie Lourdes Hospital and relies on public support and individual philanthropy to continue to support the Hospital in its mission.


mARCH 30, 2024

Was established in 1933 to recognize the incredible work of physicians and their contributions to the communities in which they live. Today, Guthrie Lourdes Hospital is proud to carry on this tradition by celebrating our physicians' dedication, passion, and vision in serving New York's Southern Tier. To show your appreciation for your doctor, click on the apple. Use the 'comment' box to enter the code DD2024. Please add your doctor's name and we will notify the doctor of your gift.  On behalf of all of our dedicated physicians, THANK YOU!

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 For almost 97 years, Lourdes Hospital has faithfully served the greater Binghamton area with spiritually centered, high quality medical care.


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Released seasonally, our newsletters showcase Foundation achievements, reflections on events, interviews with staff, and gratitude for our donors.

-“...there are many challenges but also many blessings. The Lourdes Foundation is certainly one of the blessings.” 

-Liver Cancer Patient

A Word from Foundation President, Robert O'Connell

On behalf of the Lourdes Hospital Foundation, I'd like to thank each and every individual who has made a gift.  Since the beginning of July 2023:

  • $245,000 has been given to 1,026 individuals in need from the Foundation's multiple funds including the Geller Oncology Fund, the Sock Out Cancer Fund, and Hospice 

  • Countless patients and their families faced with the challenges of cancer, end of life, or other challenges have been assisted with their mortgage payments, rent, car payments/repairs, transport to and from appointments, grocery and gas cards and other necessities of life

Thank you for helping the Lourdes Hospital Foundation to continue to say YES to those in most need when they need it the most.


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