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our mission and values

Outstretched hand of an older person being held by a nurse's hand.

The Lourdes Hospital Foundation supports 
Guthrie Lourdes Hospital in its mission to serve the Southern Tier and surrounding communities. Guthrie Lourdes Hospital, its physicians and caregivers, are focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities they serve.  The mission, vision, and values statements articulate the principles on which the organization was founded and exists today.


MISSION: Guthrie Lourdes works with communities to help each person attain optimal, life-long health and well-being.  We do so by providing integrated, clinically-advanced services that prevent, diagnose, and treat disease, within an environment of compassion, learning, and discovery.

VISIOnImproving Health through               Clinical Excellence and Compassion;                        Every Patient. Every Time.                                                                 

VALUES: Patient-CenterEdness

A Strong Foundation

We envision a strong healthy community in the Southern Tier Region of NY which will lead to the transformation of healthcare. We will continue to support the Hospital to help ensure care that is committed to the health and well-being for our communities.  

Thanks to the contributions and commitment of our donors, the culture of high quality, state-of-the-art medical care can continue for patients and families.  

our board officers:

Our Foundation Board of Directors consists of members of our community who understand, endorse and encourage support for the Mission and Vision of Guthrie Lourdes

John Mirabito
Armond George
Chad Nixon


Michael J. Dobransky

Vice Chairman


Robert O'Connell



our Board members

  • Lee Bearsch

  • Joseph Carosella  

  • Kathy Connerton - President & CEO, Guthrie Lourdes Hospital

  • Kenneth Elliott   

  • Charles Ellis  

  • Kurt Eshbach    

  • Alfred Gorick  

  • Fr. Ken Kirkman       

  • Diran Kradjian

  • Mark Lane

  • William H. Lane 

  • James Matthews   

  • James Orband, Esq. 

  • Sanjiv Patel, MD

  • James Steinmetz, MD  

  • Shirley S. Tamulis

  • James Terzian, MD 

  • June Wootton

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Fiscal Year 23-24


Requests Granted for Individuals



Individuals Helped

Staff members

  • Robert O'Connell

      Foundation                    President 

  • Jacqueline Maillet


      Foundation Development

  • Susan Sherrill Administrative Assistant/Data Entry

As a result of your generosity and support the Lourdes Hospital Foundation is able to raise much needed funds for various initiatives. Your support really makes a difference!
Outstretched hand with a heart shape hovering over its palm.

Your gift can shape our future.

Your support of The Friends of Lourdes Fund has helped our patients in many ways. For additional information, please call the Lourdes Hospital Foundation office at 607 798 5684.

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