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SPRING 2022 - Testimonials from grateful patients


  • Most recently, the Lourdes Hospital Foundation covered the balances on bills from oncology. This family is in the midst of a battle with cancer.  The patient took time to write a thank you note to the Foundation and expressed how much of a blessing it has been to have that financial burden lifted at this time.


  • Another patient is most grateful to be able to stay in his home.  Illness has left him unable to climb stairs and he could not get to his bedroom on the second floor of his home.  He was sleeping in his living room for weeks.  He could not afford to move to a different place.  The Lourdes Hospital Foundation assisted this man by providing a stair-lift for him, thus allowing him to stay in his own home.  He says the stair-lift is “life-changing” and is very much appreciated.

  • A palliative care patient expressed his deep appreciation for his new BIPAP machine.  In his words, “The BIPAP machine that you provided to me has helped to keep the swelling in my feet down.  It also prevents swelling around my heart and lungs.  I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t helped me by purchasing the machine for me.  I feel truly blessed by God because of the assistance given by the Foundation.  It was a very generous act, and I want to thank everyone who was involved in making this happen.”


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